Over 2000 users from 35 market leader

Over 200 orders fulfilled weekly

Delivery vehicles covering a city of
18 million

2 Warehouse facilities with a total area
of 550m2

Microsoft Gold Certificate,
For E-Commerce,
2001 - 2002

Microsoft Egypt Award,
For Best E-Commerce Solution,
2002 - 2003

HP Business Partner,
SpeedSend signed a Select Business
Partner Agreement with HP to be the
first official e-partner selling HP Supplies
in the Middle East
Lower your procurement costs

Guaranteed next business day delivery
Customize your ordering cycle

User friendly, automated ordering process
Monitor and evaluate your purchasing patterns



Friday, February 28 2020


Our Technology

www.speedsend.com : A free, customizable, web-based e-procurement solution for managing indirect goods. An exclusive service for achieving optimum process efficiency & cost control.

E-Catalogues: Over 2,000 products with pictures, descriptions, similar & related products, and market prices, all in a very user friendly easy-to-navigate electronic catalogue.

Contract Pricing: Contracts are created for each product category, guaranteeing prices for the duration of the contract, with commitment to offering the most competitive market prices.

Automated Workflow & Approval Systems: Customize your company's approval routings for various product lines, and for all your cost centers, & set budget control rules. A flexible permissions module facilitates the ability to dictate what your users can & cannot do/view.

Analytical & Reporting Tools: To maximize the benefits of using our solutions, a wide variety of reporting and analytical reports are available to help our clients get an in-depth understanding of their corporate spending patterns & behaviors, and enable them to make better buying decisions, faster.

Our Products

Tangible Product Fulfillment: In addition to the benefits of using our online electronic product catalogue, SpeedSend becomes your ONE SOURCE SUPPLIER by taking ownership of the products we sell. Your business will be done seamlessly, online, through a single customer interface with all the advantages a powerful, flexible procurement platform.
To support our expanding product lines & growing vendor network our marketing department relies on sourcing experts for managing our e-catalogues. Our aim is to get you the product you want at the time you want it, at a competitive price.

The purpose of this department is to manage pricing, source products from primary suppliers, forecast product consumptions to ensure availability, and ultimately engage in strategic alliances such as the ones with HP, Xerox, & SpeedSend paper.

We work with closely with our vendors to catalogue their products, and ensure prompt product delivery, and quality control. All the manual, gruesome, time-consuming work will be done by speedsend, not by you, the client.

Our Marketers work hard on creating rigid selection criteria that ensure the vendors joining our platform are capable of delivering the products we want, in the manner we want. They are also constantly searching for new vendors, new product lines, and launching targeted promotion campaigns intended to help our clients save.

Our People

Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is what we strive for, everyday. When you think of buying office consumables one usually does not associate a high level of customer service. Well, we are trying to change that. Our customers have dedicated customer service executive catering to their daily needs. Our executives engage in activities such as following up on the prompt fulfillment of client orders, processing special requests, solving pending client issues, training users when necessary, and ensuring the overall satisfaction of customers.

Corporate Account managers on the other hand, play an elevated role: they are involved in price negotiations, product line sales, and in understanding the business practices of our customers so we may integrate them with our own.

Next Business Day Delivery: SpeedSend offers Next Business day Delivery of contracted items. All our promises are made possible through a hefty investment in technology, distribution & warehousing capabilities.

We continuously develop our technology infrastructure to support order management & fulfillment, plan our distribution efficiently, and uphold customer SLA. SpeedSend is always searching for & implementing the Optimal Way to Receive, Pack, Ship, and Deliver the Final Product as promised to Customer.


Reduce paperwork substantially, freeing purchasing personnel with in your organization for more important work such as other managing vendors and negotiating better deals.

Reduce the time necessary for completing a PO, thereby shortening the cycle time between order request and fulfillment.

Elaborate E-catalogues & online contracts reduce human errors, inaccuracies and reworks dramatically.

Built-in auditing and reporting tools make managing the purchasing function more professional and predictable. You gain a complete insight into your company's purchasing patterns & behaviors, and are enables to make better buying decision, faster.

Channeling all purchasing through www.speedsend.com eliminates unplanned buying with respect to the signed on product categories.

Shortening the time between demand and fulfillment lessens the need to stockpile inventory, lowering your overall inventory carrying costs.

Using www.speedsend.com to consolidate, track and aggregate corporate spending on indirect goods gives you greater leverage with SpeedSend to negotiate more favorable contract terms.